TADA68 + Tofu65 with lubed and filmed NK x Kailh Cream Etiquetas 60% 65% 75% acrylic aluminum brass brown c3 equalz carbon fiber cerakote Durock Everglide fullsize Gateron GMK holy panda Kailh Plastic Policarbonate polycarbonate thic thock
TADA68 with the aluminium case 🔗 Why TADA68? After first coming across the Keywalker IFD68 on Massdrop for just $99 I almost bought it. But after trying to find some reviews online I also found the TADA68/SABER68 designed by originatives, which is a very similar keyboard with the exact same 68 key layout and even the type and color of keycaps.
Jul 08, 2012 · After browsing this sub for a while trying to find a mechanical keyboard, I finally purchased the TADA68 with Silent Red Gateron Switches and a low profile space grey aluminium case from kbdfans.cn. Total cost was USD $164 or GBP £130.52 including shipping (also used the ILOVEKBDFANS $2 discount code).
Lemonda Lemonda T6 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Black. noon east Granite/Marble Coated Aluminium Cookware Set Grey 6-Piece.