EWS and ECU, adaptation values, and coding . Applications list E30 - 3 Series - DME ALL - DDE ALL - AB From 1998 - BC/MID ALL - DWA ALL E36-3 Series - DME ALL - DDE ALL - KOMBI Except kompakt - AB ALL - ABS ALL - ASC ALL - BC/MID ALL - DWA ALL - ZKE From 1994 - ZVM Till 1994 - HKL ALL - EGS ALL - EWS ALL E46 - 3 Series - DME ALL - DDE ALL
Carsoft 6.5 For BMW Top 3 Reasons To Get BMW Carsoft 6.5 1. Digital total test: bmw carsoft 6.5 gives you a complete idea of the overall condition of the car 2. Special functions for some models: Including service interval reset, component activation, live data, LCM reading, sync. EWS and ECU, adaptation values, and coding. 3.
Feb 27, 2016 · The E46 M3 had a couple major issues, one of the lesser ones is the SMG gearbox. The hydraulic pump often fails resulting in a costly repair. If this happens to a car you own it often make sense to convert the car to a manual rather than fix the SMG unit.
Sep 13, 2017 · – Can reset the adaptations needed after an e46 m3 smg clutch change. – Allow for line code changes when programming car options, such as automatic door locking. – Enable auto rear window defogger for GM5 module on BMW E46. E46 general module coding is possible. – Can perform the dynamic drive reset for a 2002 745.