Note there are potential problems if the document will be opened on systems with different Language settings. Built-in Style names change with the language version of Word. The Vertical Scroll bar. This was covered earlier. Word 2007-2019 (365) Styles terminology (jargon)
Nov 19, 2009 · In the Appearance tab, select Windows Classic Style for Windows and Buttons. Click Apply and OK to change the settings. If you choose to use Windows XP Style, you can change the style to Windows Classic for Windows and Buttons. However, you must re-launch the Editor and change the style back to Windows XP in the Editor properties. Related ...
original title: German Windows XP licence key in English XP. Hi.. I would like to change the language of my Windows XP from German to English. Is it possible/legal to format my system and borrow an English Windows XP and and install and enter the licence key that came with the German version?
Change your settings carefully. When adjusting settings in your BIOS, be sure that you certain what the settings will affect. Changing settings incorrectly can lead to system or hardware failure. If you don't know what you want to change coming into the BIOS, you probably shouldn't change anything.