The M60 beat out its arch-rival, the HK121.. The new GPMG weights almost 3 KG less than earlier models of the M60 On a personal note, I would have loved to have had this during my time in the Corps. The complete weapons package includes optics, thermal, lasers, rangefinders, and more.
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Next i tried a full system scan with McAfee which found the problems and says it delete but again the problems are still there. Next i tried to run Spyware Doctor with the latest updates in safe mode which found between 15 and 20 problems relating to the Vundo problems've guess it, does not actually remove it.
The M60 "Patton" Main Battle Tank with 105mm gun was introduced in 1960. With more than 15,000 units produced, it is still in service more than 50 years later. Superceded by the M1 Abrams Tank, it remains operational with over 20 countries and has many special-purpose variants.