Apr 15, 2012 · Ah, the solid red with flashing blue means no drive/OS. I put a spare drive in and the restore started. So, time for new drives. Any recomendations on drive configs? Small OS drive with 2 bkup drives? The primary use for this will be a NAS, pc backups probably won't happen. What drives seem to have worked the best in here? Or does it really matter?
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its been plugged in for five days and finally the broad band light went solid green but the internet one is still red did the stuff on page 11, we did the on and off with a 30min gap three times today and nothing so we reset it with a paper clip tonight and still nothing how do i get the internet and router working properley and if anyone tries the
I have a NS-42L780a12 and it wont turn on with remote or button but it has solid red light on front. How do I troubleshoot or fix this issue?????? Message 1 of 2 (4,462 Views)