Add SharePoint to the Local Intranet Sites in Internet Explorer. See steps in #2 above. Clear cached credentials. Windows 7. From the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then select User Accounts. Select 'Manage your credentials' and review the contents in the main window. Delete (remove from the Vault) all SharePoint and all ADS\ accounts. MacOS
We’re changing the default document mode of all classic pages to be Edge mode, instead of Internet Explorer (IE) 10 mode. This change does not apply to sites that are using custom theming, or sites that have the modern list experience disabled at the site or tenant level.
Dec 20, 2012 · AAMs Control if SharePoint should do a redirect or a translation of the incoming address. AAMs can be configured from Central Administration and using PowerShell, I will in this guide use only CA. 5.1 Open up your Central Administration site and click on Configure Alternate Access Mappings located under the System Settings category.
SharePoint Server 2019 (Version: 16.0.10337.12109 – RTM Build) Update : I have also today replicated the same issue on a fully-patch server setup (updated on 22nd January 2019): Windows Server 2019 Standard (Version: 1809 | Build: 17763.253) SharePoint Server 2019 (Version: 16.0.10339.12102 – December 2018 CU)