A goat in a dream means prosperity, richness, a servant, associating with a cheap woman or a prostitute. A fat goat in a dream represents entertaining girls, or it could mean orphans. If one brings a goat into his house in a dream, it means that he is inviting poverty into his life. (Also see Billy goat; Bullfight)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
A goat was slaughtered in the boy’s stead. Today, the same animal – or a sheep, cow or camel, depending on the region – is sacrificed in memory of the story. The Qu’ran quotes the Prophet Muhammad...
According to the 'halal meat' concept, an animal's meat is halal only if it is slaughtered according to the Islamic way by a Muslim butcher who utters the Basmalah (opening 4 words of the Quran) before slaughtering the animal.
Cat in a dream symbolizes a thief. Source: Ibn Sirin Cat also represents one’s share from a business, his work, an inheritance or a book of records. It also means shunning off one’s husband, children or wife, or could also mean a theft, adultery, disloyalty, fight, eavesdropping, bearing a child from adultery, backbiting, bastard child.