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In SSH-1, client used to select only one algorithm out of the list of algorithms supported by server, for all category works like, hash function, message authentication, session key exchange, etc. But, SSH-2 provides support for one algorithm per category. 2. No server key:
OpenSSH server supports various authentication. It is recommended that you use public key based authentication. First, create the key pair using following ssh-keygen command on your local desktop/laptop: DSA and RSA 1024 bit or lower ssh keys are considered weak.
For example, it can be in terms of Weak, Strong, and FIPS, where Strong enforces the use of at least 64-bit encryption algorithms and Weak is any algorithm smaller than 64 bits. Choosing FIPS ensures that hash, encryption, and key exchange algorithms are FIPS compliant, which can be AES, 3DES, and SHA1.