Compare the structures of SO, to PF, and explain why they have different molecular shapes. (when comparing two objects, you should discuss both and mention both their similarities and differences and explain the reason for the differences) 1.
When it is possible to write more than one equivalent resonance structure for a molecule or ion, the actual structure is the average of the resonance structures. The Carbonate (\(CO_3^{2−} \)) Ion Like ozone, the electronic structure of the carbonate ion cannot be described by a single Lewis electron structure.
“Expanded Octet” in Lewis Structures “Expanded octet” refers to the Lewis structures where the central atom ends up with more than an octet, such as in PCl 5 or XeF 4. In drawing the Lewis structure for PCl 5 , there is a total of 40 valence electrons to put in (5 + 5x7 = 40).
A triple bond will always have one sigma bond & two pie bond. So from the structure of C 2 H 2, it is clear that it has three sigma bonds & two pie bonds. From the structure of C 2 H 4,it is clear that it has five sigma bonds & one pie bond.